Marital Property Report™

    Designed for Family Law attorneys who need a complete and easy to use history of transactions and liens affecting real property in California 

    Delivered via email in 1 business day for most residential property in California


Marital Property Reports include the following information beginning on the date either spouse first acquired an interest in the subject real property :


    Current vesting

    Prior conveyances

    Current Deed(s) of Trust

    Historical Deed(s) of Trust and reconveyances

    Current and prior liens including Judgment Liens, Abstracts of Judgment, Tax Liens, Mechanics Liens, Lis Pendens, etc.

    Status and amount of real property taxes

    Legal description

    Valuation of property nearby

    Hyperlinks to source documents for easy downloading and review


Legal Description + ™

    Includes copy of most recent conveyance Deed

    Delivered in Word format for easy copy and paste


To order a MPR or Legal Description go to:



"Marital Property Report is a welcome replacement to the MPG report on which most of us had become dependent. It provides important information we need when dealing with real property in our Family Law cases, usually in one-business day. MPR will define the standard of care in Family Law matters." 

Garrett C. Dailey 


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