LaMusga Briefs

Parties Briefs:
Father's Opening Brief on the Merits: Garrett C. Dailey's brief on behalf of Father h_opening_brief_merits.pdf
Mother's Reply Brief on the Merits: Kim Robinson Esq.'s Brief on behalf of Mother w_answer_brief_merits.pdf
Father's Answer Brief on the Merits: Garrett C. Dailey's Answer Brief on behalf of Father h_reply_brief_on_merits.pdf
Amici Curiae Briefs:
Shear Amicus Letter shear_amicus_letter.pdf
Bruch Brief: Prof. Carol Bruch's brief on behalf of mother primarily from law professors and deans. bruch_brief.pdf
Bruch Errata: Errata to Bruch Amici Brief bruch_errata.pdf
Father's response to Bruch brief h_reply_to_bruch_brief.pdf
Wallerstein Brief: On behalf of mother from Dr. Judith Wallerstein wallerstein_brief.pdf
Calif. Women's Law Center Brief: Vicki L. Barker, Esq.'s brief on behalf of mother from various women's groups ("The Poverty Brief.") CalifWomesLawCenter.pdf
Schulman Brief: Joanne Schulman, Esq. brief on behalf of mother from various family law attorneys concerned with domestic violence schulman_amicus_brief.pdf
Warshak Brief: Filed by Donald S. Eisenberg, Esq. on behalf of LaMusga children written by Richard Warshak, Ph.D. and signed by 50+ mental health professionals warshak_brief.pdf
Mother's response to Warshak and ACFLS brief w_reply_to_amici_briefs.pdf
H's Reply Brief Amici 1 and 2 h_reply_brief_amici1_2.pdf
Tanke Amicus Brief tanke_amicus_brief.pdf
Wallerstein Application 47E wallerstein_application47e.pdf
ACFLS Amicus Brief written on behalf of children written by Leslie Ellen Shear, Esq. acflsbrief.pdf