Attorney's BriefCase

With Lawgic, you create high-quality agreements that are as simple or as complex as required. The program’s patented Intelligent Legal Technology® uses a question and answer format to guide you through the drafting process. Every step of the way you can refer to on-point statutory and case law, expert commentary, practice tips, and suggested alternative provisions. The documents generated are legally sound, internally consistent and sent to your word processor. Since the programs are routinely updated, your documents will reflect the latest changes in the law. Expanding your practice has never been easier. Produce outstanding documents: Your “paper” will never have looked better.  

  • Supports your decision making – Lawgic’s expert authors counsel you at every juncture with strategic analysis of the provisions, practice tips, and recommended language.
  • Creates superior integrated documents – Lawgic protects your documents from internal contradictions inherent in cut and paste, fill-in-the-blank, and forms on disk methods.
  • Helps you expand your practice – With Lawgic’s proven process, you can provide new services to current clients and expand into new practice areas with confidence.
  • Keeps you current – Lawgic assures you stay in step with changing law and practice through regularly updated commentary and model document language.