Attorney's BriefCase

California Pre/Post Marital Agreements


Authored by Garrett C. Dailey, President, Attorney's Brief Case, Inc. and George H. Norton, formerly Of Counsel, Lakin · Spears LLP

Rely on the expertise of AAML Fellows and Certified Family Law Specialists Garrett C. Dailey and the late George H. Norton to draft comprehensive premarital and postmarital agreements with ease and confidence.

How does Lawgic® do it? Our patented Intelligent Legal Technology® combines research, analysis, and drafting into one process. Using a familiar Q & A format, Lawgic spots the relevant issues, provides up-to-date research, and suggests alternative language. And, timely updates ensure you are current with the law and your documents reflect the latest developments.

Cost: $750/year


California Pre/Post Marital Agreements covers a broad range of topics, including:

  • Disclosure of assets and income
  • Income and expenses
  • Separate and community property
  • Family Residence
  • Separate property businesses
  • Stock options, deferred compensation, and intangible assets
  • Transfers of separate property upon, during, and after marriage
  • Death benefits, life insurance, and trusts for children
  • Taxes
  • Attorney's fees
  • Mediation and arbitration

Additional Features

  • Use the Worksheets to gather client data as well as information on separate property assets for exhibits.
  • Produce an abstract to file with County Recorder's office.
  • Minimize research efforts with a searchable library of resources. Create separate property disclosure exhibits, including automatic calculation of net worth.
  • Identify critical issues through a comprehensive interactive checklist.
  • Create and maintain agreement templates using Lawgic's Exemplar feature.
  • Easily add advanced formatting features (for Word 97, or higher and WordPerfect 8, or higher), including creating and updating Table of Contents, section numbering, and cross-references.


Also available by George Norton & Garrett Dailey: Lawgic's California Marital Settlement Agreements.


Lawgic® Pre/Post Marital Agreements
Price: $750